Nick & Sylvia’s Wedding: Location & General Information

Our wedding will take place at the Mendocino Woodlands Camp Association. Built in 1938 as part of FDR’s New Deal Projects, the camp acts as a cultural and environmental education retreat. We will spend the weekend eating, drinking, dancing, and generally having a lovely time together. Please check out the map to familiarize yourself with the location.

Important Information

  1. There will be little to no cell service once you enter the forest.  Be sure to download directions ahead of time and make any last-minute phone calls before you exit the town of Mendocino!

  2. The last stretch of road and the campsite has dirt roads as shown in the picture. The roads are very well maintained, but if you feel uncomfortable driving on them let us know and we’ll be happy to arrange carpooling.

  3. Note that we will be in a forest so there will be bugs/dirt/plants/etc.  The campsite is relatively free of poison oak, but if you plan on going hiking make sure to brush up on your poison oak recognition skills with this quiz.

  4. Please do not feed any critters you may see and don’t leave food unattended outside!

  5. Sadly, no dogs are allowed in the Mendocino Woodlands Camp Association since it is part of the state park.

  6. Please be sure to review the attire guidelines below for the weekend and the ceremony.


Directions from Mendocino (use these because google and apple maps get this last bit wrong!)

  1. Allow 25 minutes driving time from Mendocino. 

  2. From Mendocino, go east on Little Lake Rd (The only traffic light in Mendocino).  You will see a sign for Mendocino Woodland pointing straight. Don’t follow this sign! Instead, take the dirt road to the right, another 3.5 miles to the park entrance. We will mark this turn to make it easier.


  • We recommend cocktail attire for the ceremony. Please note though that the path (pictured right) from the ceremony to the reception/dance hall is dirt and covered in roots. We highly recommend not wearing heels. Nick is demonstrating the importance of proper footwear in this gif, right before he falls over anyways.

  • For the rest of the weekend please just dress comfortably!

  • The weather in Mendocino is typically lovely in July, but can get foggy and will likely be chilly in the evening. Be sure to pack layers so you are prepared for any temperature!