Hello and welcome!  I am a current PhD student, NSF Graduate Fellow, and Chancellor's Fellow in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley.  I work in the Hybrid Systems Lab under Professor Claire Tomlin in the area of control systems, robotics, and safety analysis.

My research first aims to develop theoretically sound techniques for efficiently guaranteeing safe control based on available models and given information about the environment. Additionally, I aim to ensure that these techniques can quickly adapt to unexpected changes and new information in the autonomous system or the environment. I have focused on using tools from optimal control theory and dynamics games, machine learning, and cognitive science to develop new techniques for safety and efficiency in autonomous systems. These techniques are backed by both rigorous theory and physical testing on robotic platforms.


Research Areas

1) Forming new connections between cognitive science and scalable safe dynamic systems

Adapting cognitive models of human decision-making to robot algorithms to mimic human strengths in real-time planning and to facilitate better human-robot interaction.


2) Advancing the theory of optimal control for dynamic games in high dimensions

Introducing new formulations, theorems, and algorithms for scalable high-dimensional safety analysis.


3) Developing safe learning techniques for dynamic systems

Developing online techniques for updating theoretical guarantees based on new information about system dynamics. (ongoing work)



When not working I enjoy reading, hiking, cooking, and video games.
Current book recommendation: Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst
Current video game recommendation: The Last of Us
Current recipe recommendation: Thai Red Curry Paste (great to make in large batches, then freeze in an ice cube tray for quick and very spicy stir-fries)